Curriculum Vitae

Krisztina László


2007: habilitation: Sorption processes in materials science and in the environment (BME)

2006: DSc: Sorption interactions in coherent systems (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

1995: PhD/CSc: Characterization of environmentally relevant sorbents (BME)

1985: Dr. Univ.: Adsorption on solids from binary liquid mixtures (BME)

1982: BME, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Certified Engineer specialised in Applied Nuclear Chemistry

1976: BME, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, M.Sc


2008- Instituto Nacional del Carbón, CSIC, Oviedo (Spain); Institute of Surface Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Kiev (Ukraine); University of Brighton (UK)

2006 (1-week) invited course for PhD students Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland on Preparation, characterisation and adsorption applications of high performance activated carbons

2001 (3 months) visiting professor at the Venture Business Laboratory of Yamagata University, Japan

1996-1999 (total 18 months) visiting scholar at Polymer Research Institute, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse (NY, USA)

1991- 2002 (total 10 months) visiting scientist at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

1993 (5 months) lecturer at Middlesex Community College (Bedford, MA)

1990 (5 months) lecturer at Middlesex Community College (Bedford, MA)


2004 Erdey László Award given by the Scientific Councel of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering for persistent outstanding scientific performance

2001-2004 Széchenyi István Fellowship (fellowship of the Ministry of Education for career development)

1985 Gold Award for Outstanding Innovator given by the University Council, BME for the most profitable patent of the year (Synthesis of principal components for cold water dispersible rinsing mixtures; Hungarian patent 187 410/1985)


Physical Chemistry (incl. Radiochemistry)  – Introductory level, advanced level

Physical Chemistry of Interfaces – Advanced level

Porous Materials

Nonconventional Materials

She has supervised more than 20 diploma- and PhD theses.


– co-opted member of the Council of the International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists (IACIS)

– Scientific Society for Measurement, Automation and Informatics, Division of Composition and Environmental Protection Measurements (chair)

– Hungarian Society of Chemists (member of the executive committee of the Division of Colloid Chemistry, Rheology and Tribochemistry and the Division of Cosmetics and Household Chemicals)

– Public body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

– Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Secretary of the Commission on Colloid Chemistry (1993-2003)

– American Carbon Society

– American Chemical Society, ACS

– Deutsche Kolloid-Gesellschaft

– Hungarian Synchrotron Society member (2010-)

– Deutsche Kolloid-Gesellschaft


– Editor-in-chief of the Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering (professional journal of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, BME, which is indexed and abstracted in Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch) and Journal Scitation Reports/Science Edition;

– Guest editor of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry „Nano-Issue” (2005)

– Conference chair of the following conferences: International Symposium on Particle Size Analysis, Environmental Protection and Powder Technology (PORANAL) (2004 Balatonfüred, Hungary; 2008 Debrecen, Hungary); PRECARB-2012 (2012 Budapest, Hungary); 10th Conference on Colloid Chemistry (2012, Budapest).

– Member of scientific committees of international conferences (20th European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS) Conference jointly organized with 18th European Chemistry at Interfaces Conference (ECIC) 2006 in Budapest, Hungary;  Carbons for Energy Storage and Environment Protection CESEP2007 Cracow, Poland; CESEP2011 Montpelier, France);

– Referee for several high profile journals such as Carbon, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of American Chemical Society, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Langmuir, Macromolecules, etc.


– Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, Université J. Fourier de Grenoble, France
– Institute of Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere, Research Centre Jülich, Germany
– Instituto Nacional del Carbón, CSIC Oviedo, Spain


More than 120 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 10 book-chapters. Over 170 presentations at international scientific meetings, co-author of 4 textbooks. Co-owner of four national patents. A complete list including the independent citations is available here.