The list of subjects taught (for details see link):

  • BSc studies:
    • Physical Chemistry and Radiochemistry (Environmental Engineering) /in English/
    • Physical Chemistry of Surfaces (Chemical Engineering/Materials Science) /in English/
    • Nonconventional Materials (Chemical Engineering/Materials Science)
  • MSc studies:
    • Physical Chemistry and Structural Chemistry (Chemical Engineering)
    • Applied Chemistry (Environmental Engineering) /in English/
    • Porous Materials (Chemical Engineering/Materials Science)
    • Interaction of Radiation with Matter (Chemical Engineering/Materials Science)
    • Physical Chemistry (Plastic and Fiber Engineering)
    • Physical Chemistry of Interfacial Phenomenas (Plastic and Fiber Engineering)
  • PhD studies:
    • Physical Chemistry II.
    • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Environment
    • Advances in Physical Chemistry

Lecture notes

Lecture notes in Hungarian:

Lecture notes in English: