Curriculum Vitae – Lajos Sztraka

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Lajos Sztraka

Place and date of birth

  • Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1938


  • M.Sc. in chemical engineering, Technical University of Budapest, 1957–1962

Scientific degrees

  • Dr.eng. Technical University of Budapest, 1966
  • C.Sc. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1987
  • Ph.D. Technical University of Budapest, 1995

Research interests

  • Assignment of transitions of strongly perturbed, high resolution IR spectra.
  • Investigation of hindered large amplitude motions (LAM) of molecules by MW, MWW and high resolution IR spectra.
  • Determination of the flexible geometry of LAM molecules by a combination of spectroscopic data with ab initio and DFT calculations.
  • Fourier transform interferometry, theory and instrumentation.
  • Data acquisition and signal processing by computer.


  • Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest
    (present name: Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science, Faculty of Chemical and Bio Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
    • assistant: 1962–67
    • first assistant: 1967–94
    • associate professor: 1994–97
    • retired associate professor: 1997–


  • Physics – seminars, examination and laboratory practices. 1962–74
  • Physical chemistry – laboratory practices. 1974–83
  • Electronics and instrumentation – reading the lectures (instrumentation), examination, heading and developing of the laboratory. 1983–2008
  • Electronics and instrumentation in English language – reading the lectures (instrumentation), examination. 1988–2007
  • Physical chemistry in French language – heading of the laboratory. 1992–2006
  • Electronics and instrumentation for bioengineers – reading the lectures (instrumentation), examination. 2009–


  • referred journals: 35
  • proceedings: 61
  • books: 1
  • lecture notes: 2
  • electronic lecture notes: 1

Research grant

  • Investigation of hindered internal motions in molecules by high resolution spectroscopy and high level ab initio methods. OTKA (T 014975, 1 600 000 HUF) 1995–99

Cooperating institutes

Institute for Physical Sciences, University of Oulu, Finland


  • Committee on Molecular Structure of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1990–