Welcome to Spectroscopy Laboratory!

Research in the field of spectroscopy and theoretical chemistry has been undertaken at our university since the early fifties. The Spectroscopy Laboratory in its present form is a cooperative laboratory for research and education established by the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (VBK) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and the Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The research activity of the Laboratory implies studying phenomena in the fields of photophysics, photochemistry, and photobiology using various optical spectroscopic techniques like steady-state absorption and fluorescence, CD-ORD, and laser flash photolysis. The Spectroscopy Laboratory also has a strong tradition of theoretical chemistry in a wide range of topics, including the development and application of high-level quantum chemical methods as well as theoretical rovibrational spectroscopy. As university teachers, the members of the Laboratory belong to the Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science of the University.